book interpreting booth

Book interpreting booth

Book interpreting booth and other technical equipment through us. A technician builds the booth on the spot. He stays through-out the entire meeting. Our favourite technician is a native speaker of German and Spanish on top of Danish and English.

The technician is everybody's best friend. He monitors the output from the interpreting team. The technician keeps an eye on the interpreting users, checking for any sign of a problem of the sound transfer from the interpreting team. And so, he responds immediately to any technical hiccup. He saves the communication from breakdown in case of any unforeseen event.

One-stop-shop is a one-stop-shop. Here, you can book both the interpreting team and the necessary technical equipment. This is a choice we have made. Because we want it to be easy for you to organize a big meeting with an interpreting team.

We are uniquely placed to help you decide what kind of interpreting equipment you want. Because we know what it takes to create the best possible interpreting environment. We advise you, and you choose.

That done, we go on to collect a good offer for you.

Cooperation with sound technicians

We do this through a close cooperation with a Danish sound company operating worldwide. Teletech's technicians travel to where they are needed. They also collaborate with colleagues in other countries.

That means that they help us set up booths anywhere. They do this either with their own equipment, or with local equipment.

Book interpreting booth or whispering equipment:

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What is the advantage of an interpreting booth?

For big meetings, you need interpreting equipment that creates a space and a conduct for the spoken translation. That is so because the spoken translation normally takes place at the same time as the speaker speaks.

This means that the best interpreting equipment to book is most often an interpreting booth. The interpreting booth looks like a square fish bowl with a glass front and glass sides. It has a silent door on the back and very limited space. And it is soundproof.

Sat in the interpreting booth, the two members of the interpreting team take turns translating the entire content of the meeting. An interpreting booth allows them to exchange notes and brief comments while using the socalled cough button.

The interpreting booth shields the team from noise such as the inevitable ruffle and murmur at any meeting with many participants. At the same time, it allows the interpreting users to hear the spoken translation loud and clear through headphones. The interpreting users too benefit from the sound proof booth that keeps the interpreting team's flow of speech separate from the speaker's original output.

Whispering equipment

For the socalled chuchotage interpreting, you use a much smaller kind of equipment. It it also much cheaper. This makes it very tempting to use for all kinds of interpreting.

However, whispering interpreting is meant for mobile situations. That could be for instance a visit at a factory. It is not meant for static meetings in a conference room.

Microphones on headsets

Whispering equipment is delivered in suitcases with microphones for the interpreters, and headphones for the interpreting users. The microphones should be placed on headsets. Meaning they should never ever be handheld!

You must remember to charge the suitcase with its content by connecting it to the electrical current. You must do so both before the meeting and during the breaks of day-long meetings. Also remember to collect the interpreting users' headphones at the end of the day.

Unshielded interpreting

No technician is needed for whispered interpreting. A super user must however be present at all times. This super user can learn the ropes on the same day that the meeting takes place. The super user helps the interpreting users understand the proper functioning of their headsets. The headsets are very easy to use, once you know how they work.

The super user is responsible for the technique at the users' end. This is so because there is no technician present. And because the interpreters have enough to do by carrying out the spoken translation during the speeches.

As you can see, this kind of equipment does not shield the interpreters from the surrounding noise in the room. And worse yet: it does not allow for a separation of ingoing sound from the speaker, on the one hand, and from the team's own output on the other hand.

An added disturbance factor is placing the whispering team too close to the audience. The interpreting team unequipped with a booth must be placed several meters from the nearest other person in the room. Always. If you cannot find room for that, then you have booked to small a room.

The magic of simultaneous interpreting

How does the lack of an interpreting booth affect the product? It affects the product very much. Because it makes an already very taxing task almost impossible. In fact, it carries a cumulative health risk for the interpreters to exploit their extreme concentration through unwillingness to pay for a booth.

Interpreting users are often in awe of our capacity to carry out the spoken translation whilst the speaker speaks. But it is not magic. It is entirely dependent on talent, training ... and technical equipment fitting the situation.

We are your life buoy

No matter what kind of technical equipment you need, we are here to make sure to get you safely through the stormy waves. Our advice is always aimed at ensuring that the product suits your needs. In this fashion, our expertise becomes your life ring in situations where you want to avoid a communication breakdown at all costs.

book interpreting booth