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We specialize in the building industry.

Undersea tunnel: Femarn

We won a tender with Femern A/S for the Femarn underseas tunnel project between Denmark and Germany. In order to do so, we set up a transnational team of skilled interpreters to work in a triangle between the involved languages: Danish, German, and English.

Consequently, our interpreters worked on both sides of the border. And so, we helped the safety authorities in the two countries communicate, in order to make sure the much-debated tunnel would be safe. And safe means safe both during the building of it, and after it becomes a reality.

Undersea pipeline: Nord Stream

Within the building industry, we have been responsible for the interpretation at the numerous meetings held by Nord Stream in Denmark. Actually for years on end, Nordstream AG would travel (and bring us along) to the Danish island Bornholm. In this context, we ensured the safe transfer of the message from the client to the public.

These public hearings took place in a situation where the local population was very critical of the entire project, and the Danish authorities were withholding the permits for the building of Nord Stream 2. We carried out the interpretation related to Nord Stream 1, firstly, and later on for the second pipeline.

Also, we came along to the important political event called Folkemødet at Bornholm. Thus, our interpreter passed on the message from our client to a public of journalists and politicians.

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In safe hands

We are skilled interpreters with very high standards. Thus, you can count on us to safeguard your communication. Your meeting is in safe hands with us.

We believe in safe interpretation to ensure a safe building industry.

Safety first

We are specialized in Health & Safety in the building industry. We do interpretation both at the meetings between the engineers or the PR people and the authorities, and at courses for the building industry workers.

Train tunnels: CMT

Our ample experience with hands-on Health & Safety stems mostly from a long string of week-long interpretation for CMT: the Copenhagen Metro Team. During the building of the new metrolines, it was important to teach the riggers from abroad the high Danish standards for safety in the building industry.

This was done at weeklong courses at a technical school. Our interpreters would stand next to the teacher and translate everything. The way to do it was consecutively: first the teacher would speak in Danish, and then the interpreters would repeat it all in the foreign language for the benefit of the class. And then the teacher would speak again, and so forth.

Our interpreters would also come along during the practical sessions of training rigging with the cranes at the technical school. In order to keep up with the highly technical terminology, we studied the terminology  on beforehand.

And so, our interpreters carried out interpretation of Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and English. That is how we came to be experts in HS for cranes and rigging, especially for riggers and bankmen.

Windmills: Siemens

Also, we did interpretation for Siemens in Health & Safety for cranes and rigging. The course was three weeks long, and aimed at crane operators from Hull. In the end, we gave the client a written translation for free on top of the intepretatin. It was the only way to ensure that Siemens' workers had as good a chance at passing the final test, as a Danish-speaking crane operator had. is the international branch of the original Danish agency We take good care of your communication. We believe in safe translations for a safe building industry.

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