Qualified linguist

Welcome to Interpreters.dk. Now, you have come to the right place. You have namely come to the European agency where you can hire a qualified linguist for the job you need done. Above all because we are trained language professionals, and because we are experienced.

Therefore, please feel free to make a booking straight away. Also you should know that our language professionals solve both spoken and written tasks. Consequently, you are very welcome to contact us for information. That means you can reach out with questions concerning possibilities and prices for your job.

When doing so, we recommend firstly that you know your budget. In this manner, we may inform you correctly regarding the options. Secondly, we need to know the details of what you need done. Lastly, we need to know when you need us to do it.

Best place to book a qualified linguist

We are not the cheapest linguists you can find on the market. Conversely, we are amongst the very best language professionals in the world. On top of that, we are a one-stop-shop that makes your job easy when we help you organize the full setup for conference interpreting.

Coupled with your booking for conferences, we can set you up with the technicians from the Danish sound company  Teletech. This close cooperation stems from the fact that Interpreters.dk is the international branch of the Danish agency Tolkene.dk.

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A qualified linguist travels

The qualified linguist is a rare bird. Because only trained interpreters and trained translators are properly qualified as language professionals. And therefore, conference interpreters are willing to travel all over the world even for one day tasks. For we go where the jobs are.

This is because interpreting and translation require training. That means that language mastery does not suffice in itself. It also means that our job as agency is to make sure you hire the right language professionals in the right setup.

A qualified linguist guides you

The owner of the agency is a qualified linguist herself. Therefore, we know what you need. Because we know from experience and training what it takes to safeguard the communication flow at your meeting. Thus, we help you choose between the different options when you need a qualified linguist for your job. Welcome to Interpreters.dk.

qualified linguist