book proofreader

Book proofreader

Book proofreader here for your text. Contact us for an offer. Remember to send the text along. That way, we can see the kind of text, and how much fixing it needs.

At the very least, we need to know how long the text is in order to give you an offer. Please be aware that we count in keystrokes (letters, punctuation and spaces).

Also, you must tell us when you need the proofreading to be ready. We need a concrete deadline in the form of a date and a time (not "as soon as possible"). Our offers are based on immediate booking. If you book later without moving the deadline, the job might suddenly be urgent. And urgent is costly no matter where you choose to book.

We proofread in the following languages:


We are trained linguists. You can book us through our agency. We have plenty experience as proofreaders and a keen sense of phrasing and punctuation.

For instance, the agency organizer Sara Høyrup worked in-house for four years as a proofreader at the high-end national newspaper Weekendavisen in Denmark. Every week, she and a colleague would check the entire publication for errors. And she caught plenty. Without the proofreading, the newspaper would have gone to press uncorrected.

Book proofreader for your text:

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Levels of correction

A proofreader and an editor do different things to the text. One should not expect editing work for the price of proofreading, because editing is a much more time consuming task. Consider how much work you need done on your text.

Book proofreader

A proofreader corrects grammar, spelling and punctuation. A proofreader is like a lacquerer and provides the final finish.

Proofreading should be done before setting up the text. Because the corrections will affect the lay out. It is therefore a waste of time to set up the text prior to having it proofread.

Related to this, proofreading should be done in a Word document for everyone's sake. In that manner, the corrections enter directly into the document. Firstly, it saves time for both the proofreader and the client's lay out designer. Secondly, it avoids errors related to the manual adding of corrections.

After the proofreader is done, the text is ready for lay out and print or online publication.

Book native editor

We also offer editing. This may be particularly relevant if you produce text in a language that is not your native tongue.

Very few people sound entirely natural when we write in languages other than the one language we master the most: the language in which we count and pray. In order for your text to be convincing, you may need native editing.

We offer our skills as language professionals and native speakers to make your text sound right.