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We translate any type of text, and we will get it done fast and accurate. Du tell us when you need the translation, and we will make sure it is ready. We are here to ensure that you get your translation in time and up to standards. 

We translate with a background Masters in translation and with  and approved police translators.

When we translate, we work with units of translation. We do not translate word for word, but the meaning of each sentence or paragraph. When we translate, units of meaning are translated from one language to the other.

A professional translator reads the entire text and makes a translation strategy before he or she begins. A real translator has a strong feeling for equivalencies, meaning, what expressions, phrases or idioms in the target language, have the same meaning as the source language. Our translators write do not translate word for word but are loyal to the intention of the text and use a natural language in finished translation. 

A translator will also apply different strategies when translating a legal text, a literary text or prose. will chose your translator according to the type of text we are translating for you.

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